DIY Huarache Sandals With Cork Soles – Tutorial

Make simple DIY Huarache sandals with cork tiles, craft foam & yarn!

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I made my first DIY Huarache sandals! Yay! 😀

After making Huarache sandal prototypes which I liked, I now made a pair. DIY Huarache sandals are easy and fun to make! For these Huarache sandals you’ll only need a cork tile, leather cord or yarn, and craft foam.

Update: DIY Huarache sandals with leather soles are much more durable! They still look like new after years of frequent wear.

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DIY Huarache Sandals With Cork Soles – Tutorial

You’ll need:

  • cork tile
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • optional: craft foam and shoe repair glue

The Pattern

Draw round your feet to make a pattern for the sole or use well-fitting flip-flops as pattern.

The Cork Soles

Cut two soles from the cork tile: one right and one left. Use an awl or pencil to mark three holes: one between your toes and two at the sides.

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Use a sharp scissor to make the holes big enough for the shoe lacing.

Optional: Craft Foam Soles

If you want, cut soles out of craft foam. I hadn’t enough of one color, so my soles are two-colored. 😉

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diy cork flip flop huarache sandal shoe tutorial-12

Glue the cork and craft foam soles together. And trim the edges if necessary.

Tie The Huarache Sandals

Use a piece of yarn and lace the huarache sandals.

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Measure how long the string has to be. I used turquoise cotton yarn to make a twisted cord, but you could also use leather cord, I-cord or long fabric strips.

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How To Make Huarache Sandals With Cork Soles - DIY Tutorial

24 thoughts on “DIY Huarache Sandals With Cork Soles – Tutorial

    1. Hi, I’m wearing the shoes just as sandals (not for running), and till now just on rather smooth surfaces, such as sand, cobblestones and asphalt (not on crushed rock roads) – and the cork is still like new. But just cork board as sole (without craft foam or a thin rubber sole) might be too slippery: my Edwardian bathing shoes with pure cork soles are too slippery on sand hills.

  1. These would be so light weight. They kind of remind me of the leather buffalo thongs I wore non stop until you couldn’t get them anymore. They would be just enough protection and all of the freedom. Great idea.

  2. Wow you have a wonderful talent,I love those sandals,I can’t wait for your post on the next great project.

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