How To Make A Bottle Brush Christmas Tree – From Scratch!

Make a cute little bottle brush Christmas tree with cotton yarn from scratch!

DIY Bottle Brush Tree From Scratch

Little bottle brush Christmas trees are everywhere right now. But instead of buying one, you can simply make your own DIY bottle brush Christmas tree with natural materials you already have at home! All you need for this DIY bottle brush tree is cotton yarn in green or white, a piece of wire and a wood slice.

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How To Make A Bottle Brush Christmas Tree – From Scratch!

You’ll Need:

  • cotton yarn in green or white
  • wire
  • wood slice or branch
  • needle
  • comb
  • strong scissors
  • optional: white acrylic paint & paint brush

Wood Base

Cut a branch into small pieces for the wood base of the bottle brush Christmas tree. Hazelnut, cherry or apple prunings look pretty. And you can also use a wine cork instead.

Using a needle, poke a small hole into the center of the wood base.

How To Make A Bottle Brush Christmas Tree - From Scratch!

DIY Bottle Brush Tree

Cut a piece of wire twice as long as you want the bottle brush tree. Bend the wire in half.

Use green yarn for a green Christmas tree and white yarn for a snowy bottle brush tree. Wrap the yarn around your hand as if you were making a pom pom.

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Cut the loops and arrange the yarn between the two ends of the wire in roughly a tree shape. Spread the yarn out evenly between the two wire ends. By the way, for this bottle brush Christmas tree I used unraveled green cotton webbing instead of cotton yarn.

Now twist the wire ends together: This creates the 3D Christmas tree shape.

Then comb the cotton bottle brush tree and trim the yarn in a cone shape. Combing also removes any loose bits. Continue to comb and cut the tree into shape. When you like the shape of the natural bottle brush tree, insert the twisted wire end into the wood base. It’s not necessary to glue it but if you want you can use DIY wheatpaste glue.

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DIY Snow Frosted Bottle Brush Tree

If you want, you can flock the DIY yarn Christmas tree with fake snow: Just paint it or rather dab on white acrylic paint with a paint brush.

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