1920s Pink Polka Dot Cotton House Dress

1920s Pink Polka Dot Cotton House Dress

I like this 1920s pink dotted house dress but the dress has a history …

1920s cotton house dress dress

Just as I’d finished the dress and worn it for the first time …

1920s pink dotted house dress dress

… came such a severe weather I’ve never experienced in my life. As we came home, muddy water was cascading down the streets from the hillside of the town. The snowplow had to clear away the above a meter deep large hailstones in midsummer! The streets were so slippery and I’ve nearly slipped and fallen … and my dress got brown spots all over which even washing with oxgall soap couldn’t remove. The white belt was especially brown spotted. So I’ve had to remove the belt and cotton lace again and sew on another. The skirt ruffles thankfully don’t show the stains as much because of the polka dots.

1920s rose-colored house dress

The neckline and armscyes are bound with pink bias tape, as well as the skirt ruffles.

1920s polka dot skirt ruffles dress

The belt is framed with a matching pink cotton lace.

1920s dress ruffles underskirt

The ruffles are attached to a white cotton underskirt.

1920s summer polka dot dress

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