1850s Braided Hairstyle Tutorial (After An Antique Photograph)

1850s hairstyle tutorial

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to recreate this 1850s braided hairstyle.

1850s braided updo

Part your hair down the middle and across the head, so that you’ll get one bigger and two smaller sections of hair. Braid each of the three hair sections.

1850s braided bun

Pin the bigger middle braid into a bun.

victorian braided updo

Pin the first smaller braid around it …

victorian braided hairstyle

… and the second.

civil war hairstyle

Hide the hair-ends and secure with more pins if neccessary.

1850s braided hairstyle

The hairstyle is quite easy to do and lasts the whole day.

victorian braid hairstyle

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