Victorian Quilted Petticoat

1850s quilted petticoat

I’ve sewn an 1850s quilted petticoat. It’s inspired by Victorian quilted petticoats, such as this 1850s quilted petticoat and this short petticoat. But my petticoat isn’t historically accurate: It’s machine sewn; and I used lavender colored polyester satin and leftover fleece fabric as lining.

victorian underskirts

In this picture, I’m just wearing my four cotton petticoats.

victorian quilted petticoat

While in this picture, I’m wearing the quilted petticoat beneath the four cotton petticoats. The quilted petticoat adds a bit more volume, but not much – at least not with the four heavy cotton petticoats.

Here I’m wearing the quilted petticoat for a comparison between all my Victorian underskirts.

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