Indian Pink And Gold Sequin Chiffon Lehenga Choli

indian pink cream gold sequin chiffon lehenga

Some pictures of my pink, cream and gold sequin chiffon lehenga choli.

pink gold sequin lehenga choli

I used white, pink and yellow chiffon, golden taffeta fabric, gold ribbon, gold sequins, and gold thread for the lehenga (the skirt).

indian bridal lehenga

My inspiration was this pretty bridal lehenga (at about 3:00).

indian gold sequin chiffon lehenga

chiffon petticoat indian lehenga

Chiffon lehengas often have petticoats. My lehenga has a yellow chiffon petticoat with a wide ruffle at the hem.

gold sequin motif indian sequin chiffon lehenga

The lehenga is embroidered with three gold sequin motifs.

gold embroidered sequin motif lehenga tassels
Gold embroidered motif and tassels
close up of lehenga sequin motif
Close-up of sequin motif

This gold sequined motif was my main inspiration. Here’s a similar sequined motif on a vintage dupatta, and a sequin motif on a lehenga.

indian sequin ornament

I drew my design based on the printed motif. I used beige polyester fabric for the motifs. I sealed the edges over a candle flame to prevent fraying, then I starched the motifs so the embroidering would be easier. For the embroidery I used large gold sequins and gold embroidery thread, and cut out and appliqued shapes of the gold ribbon which I also used for the hem of the skirt.

pink gold sequin chiffon lehenga motif tassel

I’m wearing my DIY pearl and fabric tassels with the lehenga.

pink and gold sequin chiffon dupatta

For the dupatta (the veil) I used pink chiffon.

pink gold chiffon lehenga choli

pink gold yellow lehenga choli detail

The dupatta is trimmed with the same gold ribbon and gold sequins as the lehenga.

lehenga choli without dupatta
Lehenga choli without dupatta

indian pink lehenga choli and lake

For the choli (blouse) I used pink cotton fabric and trimmed it with gold ribbon and sequins.

indian pink gold cotton choli blouse

With the outfit I’m wearing my DIY pink beaded jhumka earrings.

indian pink white lehenga choli

indian pink lehenga choli garba dance
Dancing garba

indian lehenga choli thunderstorm

Just some minutes before a heavy thunderstorm and rain. There was already rolling thunder, lightning and wind.

indian lehenga choli thunder storm

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