Edwardian Egg Yolk Wine Shampoo Recipe

DIY egg shampoo recipe

Did you ever want to wash your hair with an eggnogg? Then this might be the shampoo recipe for you!


  • 1 egg yolk
  • 120 ml wine
  • 60 ml water

Beat the solution; then use it like ordinary shampoo. (The original Edwardian recipe calls for red wine, but I had a bottle of white wine open, so I’ve used white wine.) The shampoo smells strongly of wine; even the dried hair smells of wine. It was difficult to distribute the shampoo on the scalp because the shampoo is so watery. Maybe adding some natural thickener, such as linseeds or chia seeds, would make the shampoo easier to handle. While washing the hair, the wine burnt a bit on my scalp. I found the shampoo has some cleaning power, but not enough. Maybe if I would use 2 egg yolkes the next time, it would clean the hair thoroughly. However, the egg shampoo made the hair smooth and shiny, and very easy to comb.

4 thoughts on “Edwardian Egg Yolk Wine Shampoo Recipe

  1. i tried this today and boy it worked better than i thought it would thanks for making it accessible

    1. Thanks for your comment and that you tried the Edwardian shampoo. 😀 You’re the first who tried one of my Victorian and Edwardian beauty recipes. It was fun to compile all those antique recipes. And I love reading how these old recipes work for others.

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