2 Too Small Jeans To Skirt Refashions

Too Small Jeans To Skirt Refashion

I refashioned 3 too small jeans into 2 denim skirts: A simple A-line denim skirt and a denim skirt with contrast-colored pleats. I love how my two DIY denim skirts turned out!

Jeans To Skirt Refashion

For the first skirt, I used two of my old kids’ jeans that didn’t fit anymore. Because the jeans were too small for me, I had to use two jeans to make one denim skirt.

DIY Jeans To Skirt Refashion

I turned the jeans into an A-line skirt. I simply cut the jeans legs apart and added A-shaped pieces at the front, the back and the sides.

While I used one jeans for the main body of the skirt, I used parts of the other jeans for the gussets at the sides and back. In the picture above, you can see where I used the other jeans because the fabric has a lighter color.

Jeans To Skirt Refashion Detail

I call the skirt ‘dog skirt’ because I made the skirt shortly after I adopted my German shredder – I mean my German shepherd pup Khaleesi! 😉

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I needed something sturdy at that time because my puppy tried to destroy every piece of my clothing! Khaleesi was also the designer of my distressed denim skirt: She ripped it apart and I patched it again with denim fabric! 😀

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2 Too Small Jeans To Skirt Refashions

For my second jeans to skirt refashion, I used only one jeans. However, I had to add some leftover dark blue denim fabric from my stash for the pleats. Scroll down for the before picture of the jeans.

DIY Jeans To Skirt Refashion Tutorial

Inspired by my denim coat to skirt refashion, I decided to make a pleated denim skirt again. Like the first skirt, this denim skirt is also an A-line skirt. However, it’s made differently. This time I cut the jeans legs into eight parts and sewed six of these trapeze-shaped pieces together.

Jeans To Skirt Refashion DIY Pleated Denim Skirt

Then I added an exposed zipper as design element and the dark blue fabric for the pleats. I love the contrast between the light blue of the skirt and the dark blue of the pleats!

Jeans To Skirt Refashion Idea

Because the waistband of the jeans was too small, I cut it off and used a part of the jeans leg to make the waistband bigger. And since I used the original pocket for the pocket at the side, I added two leftover jeans pockets from my stash to the back of the skirt.

DIY Jeans To Skirt Refashion Pocket

I added the original jeans pocket at the right side of the skirt for dog toys, dog treats and stuff like that!

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Jeans To Skirt Refashion

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