DIY Wirework Earrings

DIY Silver Wirework Hoop Earrings

A few  years ago I made some DIY wirework earrings. For the silver wire hoop earrings I used silver wire, faceted rutile quartz stones and silver ear screws. Because the wirework hoop earrings are big, they are quite heavy!

DIY Wirework Earrings-9

For the DIY wirework creole earrings, I used silver wire, bent it into scrolls and attached the scrolls with thin wire to the hoops.

DIY Wirework Earrings-3

For the silver and gray earrings with a long pearl fringe I used silver wire and gray seed beads. The pearl fringe is a figure of 8 chain with seed beads made with thin silver wire and gray seed beads. I love these earrings because they are so delicate!

DIY Gold Wirework Earrings

For the gold earrings I used gold-plated copper wire and faux pearl beads.

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