Make A Dog Bed With An Old Mattress – Tutorial

Make A Dog Bed With An Old Mattress - Tutorial

Make your dog happy and turn your old mattress into a dog bed instead of throwing it away! Making a mattress dog bed is easy, cheap and eco-friendly! Your dog will love this cozy dog bed! 😀

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Make A Dog Bed With An Old Mattress – Tutorial

You’ll need:

  • old foam mattress
  • scissors (or utility knife)
  • tape measure
  • needle and thread
  • some scrap fabric


Turning a mattress into a dog bed is easy and fast, but messy! 😉 Until now I’ve just used old foam mattresses. I don’t think it works with an innerspring mattress; and a natural latex mattress might be difficult to cut.

Make A Dog Bed With An Old Mattress - Tutorial

Step 1

Decide how you want to cut your mattress: Usually I make three dog beds out of one 100x200cm mattress for a German shepherd dog. So the finished dog bed is 60-70cm x 100cm.

Step 2

Cut across the mattress cover in a straight line.

cut old mattress

Step 3

Now comes the messy part! 😉 There’ll soon be small pieces of foam all over your floor.

Follow the line and cut through the mattress with a utility knife or scissors. I find scissors work better.

cut through mattress with scissor or utility knife

Almost done! 😀

cross section of mattress dog bed
The inside of the mattress

It doesn’t matter that the cross section of the mattress isn’t even.

sew dog bed

Step 4

Grab a scrap strip of fabric to cover the raw edge of the mattress.

attach fabric to mattress cover dog bed

Attach the fabric strip with large slanting stitches to the mattress cover. It doesn’t have to be pretty: the fabric is there to encase the foam, so that there aren’t tiny foam pieces all over your floor every time you change the outer mattress cover.

Step 5

Now all there’s left to do is to sew an outer mattress cover – or simply wrap fabric or a dog blanket around the mattress. And the DIY mattress dog bed is finished!


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Make A Dog Bed With An Old Mattress - Tutorial

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