DIY Paper Flower Garland Tutorial

diy paper flower garland tutorial

Here’s my tutorial for this pretty, but easy paper flower garland.

cascading paper flower garland tutorial

You could make this cascading paper flower garland for Easter, spring, or summer decorations. My paper flower garland is inspired from this artificial lily backdrop for a wedding, this paper flower Diwali decorations, and mainly this flower garland tutorial (but my paper flowers don’t need to be glued).

diy paper flower

You need:

  • different coloured paper (I used paper in different yellow shades)
  • yarn
  • needle
  • scissor

paper flower garland

Cut a square, between 4 and 6cm long. Fold the square twice in half.

flower garland

Cut out a petal shape …

paper flower

… and you get this flower with four petals.

diy paper flower

Curl each petal with a scissor.

paper flower tutorial

Cut flowers in different colours, sizes, and shapes, for a varied, natural look.

flower garland tutorial

Tie an overhand knot and string the first paper flower.

spring paper flower garland

Leave some space, tie the next overhand knot and string the next flower. Continue, till you made the flower string as long as you want (I made mine between 50 and 90cm long).

paper flower strings

Then make the next paper flower string.

diy paper flower garland tutorial

Tie your flower strings onto a horizontal yarn or a twig or branch – and your paper flower garland is finished! 🙂

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