Alkanet Root Oil Recipe

Alkanet Root Oil Recipe

A week ago I made alkanet infused oil to naturally color a Victorian lip balm.


  • alkanet root
  • oil, such as olive, almond or jojoba oil

Put alkanet root into a jar and cover with oil. Close the lid, and infuse the oil for 2 days to 2 weeks at room temperature. Then strain the alkanet oil through muslin or a sieve.

3 thoughts on “Alkanet Root Oil Recipe

  1. Hi, I’m trying to get the ratio of alkanet powder to oil ? I want to make an oil for my son who is starting to show some baldness at 27 and I’m hoping this oil will work but how much alkanet to oil please? Should I use powder or dried root? Many thanks

      1. Well thank you for replying anyway. It does make sense to just cover the alkanet doesn’t it…many that is the correct ratio. I think I will just wing it and mix like you said. Thanks for your reply.

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