Jeans to Capri – Refashion

Jeans to Capri - Refashion

The old jeans was given to me to make something with it. I needed capri jeans, so refashioned the jeans into capri pants.

Jeans to Capri Refashion

Cut off and frayed jeans waist, bias binding

If your old jeans need mending, like mine, mend it first. The jeans I used was badly ripped in the crotch area and at one leg.

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Then rip the seams at the top of the zipper. Cut off the waistband without cutting off the zipper. Use a needle and fray the edge.

Distressed Jeans: Cut off waistband

You can leave the waist of the jeans like this; but my jeans were too wide now. So I added cotton bias binding and inserted elastic. Now fold down the top of the zipper and cover it with bias binding.

Turn Jeans Into Capri

Decide how long you want your capri pants and cut off the legs. Then fray the hem with a needle like above.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Claire! 🙂 I love my new capris – they’re perfect for summer. And it’s so easy to turn jeans into capris.

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