Vintage White Crochet Lace Gloves

Vintage White Crochet Lace Gloves

A while ago I bought these dainty vintage crochet lace gloves.

White Crochet Lace Gloves

White Crochet Gloves

The crochet thread is a very fine white cotton thread.

vintage crochet lace gloves pearl necklace roses

They have two different crochet lace patterns: a decorative pattern on the upper side, and a simpler mesh pattern on the underside.

vintage crochet lace gloves mint
Upper side

vintage crochet lace gloves close up

There’s an elastic round the wrist, covered with crochet stitches.

vintage crochet lace gloves detail

They are for very small hands.

crochet lace gloves edwardian silver hair brush pearl necklace roses

The lace gloves with my Edwardian silver hairbrush.

vintage white cotton lace gloves

I don’t know from which era they are – maybe the 1950s or 1960s.

1950s white crochet lace gloves

1920s white crochet lace gloves

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