Victorian Mushroom Omelet – Historical Food Fortnightly

1870s Mushroom Omelet

‘A great resource [for breakfast] is in the variety of omelets, and with a little practice, nothing is so easily made. One morning it may be a plain omelet; […] another, with little strips of ham or with oysters.’ (Practical Cooking And Dinner Giving, 1888)

So I made a mushroom omlet for challenge 10 ‘Breakfast Foods’ of the Historical Food Fortnightly. It’s a quick and easy breakfast recipe, and it tastes great!

Even though it’s such a simple recipe and I’ve already made asparagus omelets, omelet soufflés etc., I’ve never made a mushroom omelet before!

1880s Mushroom Omelet - Historical Food Fortnightly

1880s Mushroom Omelet Recipe
  • mushrooms
  • eggs
  • salt
  • pepper

Boil mushrooms with some salt, pepper and water. Beat two eggs with some salt for each omelet: ‘give them twelve vigorous beats with a spoon.’ ‘Inclose some mushrooms’ before folding over the other half of the omelet. (Practical Cooking And Dinner Giving, 1888)

We had buttered toast with the mushroom omelet.

‘Breakfast ought to be made a very pleasant meal, beginning the day, as it does, after the family have been separated for the night. […] If summer […] have always a few flowers on the breakfast table, no matter what you do at other meals. Even a few daisies or clover blossoms, with the dew still on them, lend a grace that is pleasing.’ (How To Cook Well, 1886)

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