Victorian Grey Wool Paletot Coat

Victorian Paletot Coat

This Victorian paletot is the first coat I’ve sewn and I’m really pleased with how it turned out! 😀 I used gray fulled 100% wool fabric – so the paletot coat is waterproof. I’ve already worn it in rain, snow and wind – and stayed warm and dry.

Victorian Winter Hood Winter Bonnet
Pagoda sleeves

My coat is mainly inspired by this 1857 spring paletot.

Victorian Paletot Coat

As usual, I drafted the pattern myself. I also made a muslin to adjust the fit.

Victorian Paletot Coat Button Closure Detail

The coat is closed with three large metal buttons. The other three buttons are just fake (not working) buttons.

Sloping Shoulders Victorian Paletot Coat

The paletot coat has sloping shoulders, which are typical of Victorian clothing.

Princess Seams Victorian Paletot Coat
Princess seams

The Victorian paletot has princess seams. I’m especially proud that the princess coat fits so well without a waist seam (it wasn’t easy to adjust the fit of the toile 😉 ). The fit of coats with a waist seam are easier to adjust.

Victorian Outerwear

In these pictures, I’m wearing the paletot over my 1860s brown taffeta dress and over my Victorian corset and underwear.

Victorian Paletot Pattern

The Victorian coat is so comfortable to wear – warm, waterproof and not too heavy – that I wear it as everyday coat with everyday clothing.

Civil War Winter Hood Winter Bonnet
Victorian winter hood

I didn’t have a Victorian bonnet that is suitable for the 1850s. I just have an 1840s bonnet, an 1860s hat and an 1850s bonnet for dressy summer clothes. So I made a makeshift Victorian winter hood with my knitted lace loop scarf.

My makeshirt Victorian winter bonnet is inspired by knitted Victorian traveling or winter hoods: 1862 Daisy travelling or winter hood, 1862 knitted opera hood from Godey’s Lady’s Book, the beautiful 1858 Sortie cap from Godey’s Lady’s Book, 1863 knitted capote and a Victorian tintype of a woman wearing a scarf hood.

DIY Victorian Wool Coat Sewing

Victorian photographs and fashion plates of similar coats: 1860s coat still with pagoda sleeves (photograph), 1849 coat (colored fashion plate) and 1850s/60s coat with large buttons and pagoda sleeves (photograph).

Victorian Coat

-> My pinterest board with all my historical costumes

Civil War Paletot Coat

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  1. Hi Lina!
    I’ve just found your so wonderful blog and since I’m sincerely Victorian in my own heart, I’m doing copy and paste of the URL of your webpage, to be able and receive your feeds on my dashboard and follow you!

    In the hope to have you soon amongst my followers,
    I’m sending all my best to you

    XOXO Daniela at ~ My little old world ~

  2. That coat is beautiful. Love princess seaming. So flattering. Was not familiar with the term paletot. Learn something new every day!


  3. I wish I could make patterns and sew like you! Maybe someday. Thanks for sharing in our To Grandma’s House We Go DIY, Crafts, Recipes and more link party! Hope to see you next week.

    1. Thank you! I used polyester batting to line this coat. And currently I’m making another wool coat that I’m lining with pure wool batting and rayon taffeta lining fabric.

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