Victorian Garibaldi Blouse And Skirt Outfit

Victorian Garibaldi Outfit

In the Victorian era, women usually wore dresses (a separate bodice with matching skirt). Another option was the Garibaldi outfit which was usually worn at home: CDV of Lady by Platt of Oberon and painting Reflection by Jerry Barrett. A Garibaldi blouse was sometimes worn with a zouave jacket or Swiss waist.

Victorian Garibaldi Blouse

Here I’m wearing my cotton and lace Garibaldi blouse, my antique 1850s brooch, my black wool skirt and my handmade Carrickmacross lace day cap.

Some Victorian women wore a colorful silk ribbon at the neck (painting, hand-tinted photograph); I’m wearing a green dotted white silk ribbon.

Victorian Garibaldi Blouse And Skirt Outfit

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