Victorian Crochet Headdress

victorian crochet headdress

Mostly a more delicate lace was used for victorian headdresses or day caps, but there’s also evidence of crochet headdresses. The 1849 ‘Jenny Lind’ cap is crocheted. Here you’ll find a picture and the crochet instruction for this cap. Here‘s a picture of a 1857 headdress in crocheted maltese lace. Here are 1855 instructions for a lady’s crochet nightcap. And in this 1847 crochet book on page 28, you’ll find a picture and crochet instructions for the ‘Coiffure de la Valliere, or Headdress’.

For my crochet headdress, I’ve used white cotton crochet thread and some white ribbons as trimming.

1840s crochet lace cap

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