Victorian Corset

My Victorian Corset

That’s the Victorian corset I often wear under my Victorian dresses.

White Satin Coutil Victorian Corset

I’d bought it before I made my own corsets. It’s a modern corset but it has the shape of an 1850s corset.

Edwardian Bridal Corset

The corset is lightly boned with just enough support; and it’s comfortable to wear. I even wore it once while bicycling. 😉

How To Put On A Corset

4 thoughts on “Victorian Corset

  1. May I ask what brand corset you wear or what store it’s from? Do you think cotton is best? Thank you.

    1. It’s a no-name corset which I found years ago on ebay. It was called ‘Victorian Corset’, the fabric is 100% microfiber, which looks like taffeta, and the lining is 100% cotton. I’ve always found it comfortable to wear, but I’ve never worn it for long. I don’t know yet if a corset of all natural fibers would be even more comfortable. I’m sewing an Edwardian silk and cotton straight-front corset at the moment. When it’s finished, I’ll maybe know more. 😉

  2. How many bones are in the modern corset and in the corsets you make yourself? Thank you so much! 🙂

    1. The modern corset has 12 bones, a lightly boned Edwardian corset which I’ve sewn has ten bones (German plastic boning), and the Edwardian silk corset which I’m sewing at the moment is heavy boned with 18 bones (spring steel bones and German plastic boning), while some of my corsets have no bones, such as the Victorian corded corset and the wool working women stays.

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