Tutorial: Boho Braided Updo With Yarn

Tutorial: Boho Braided Updo With Yarn

Yarn braids remind me of holi hair or hair colored with hair chalks! 😀 They’re so fun, colorful and easy to make – perfect for summer and festivals!

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Yarn Braids - Tutorial

You’ll need:

  • colorful yarn
  • colorful hair elastics
  • hairpins or bobby pins
  • scissors

Tie yarn around small strands of hair. Using scissors, trim the yarn to the same length as the hair.

Hair Chalk Hairstyle Holi Hair

Then braid the hair into four or more braids. And coil the braids into a messy braided bun. Secure the braided updo with hairpins or bobby pins.

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Boho Braided Updo With Yarn

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37 thoughts on “Tutorial: Boho Braided Updo With Yarn

  1. I have a teen-aged daughter who’s going to love this! I’m excited to have discovered your blog through the Encouraging Hearts & Home blog hop.

  2. So cute! My youngest daughter would love this. I have to show her. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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