Turn Pajama Pants Into Leggings

Turn Pajama Pants Into Leggings Refashion Tutorial

I turned pajama pants into leggings! It’s really easy, you’ll just need a pair of well fitting leggings as pattern.

Turn Pajama Pants Into Leggings Refashion Tutorial Make Pants Tighter Skinnier

Lay the leggings on top of the pajama pants and cut along the leggings (don’t forget to add a seam allowance). Turn the pajama pants inside out and zigzag the seam. You don’t have to finish the raw edge because knit fabric doesn’t unravel. Wasn’t that quick and easy? 😀

Refashion Yoga Pants Into Leggings Tutorial
Finished DIY leggings

In the background you see my DIY jewelry holder.

diy churidar leggings diy cotton floral print kameez tutorial
DIY churidar leggings & DIY floral print kameez

The kameez is also a DIY: I used unbleached cotton fabric and printed the kameez with my Indian wood block stamps. I used the same fabric and colors which I used for my full circle print skirt.

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I am in heavy need of some more leggings but the ones without a lot of synthetic stuff are SO expensive!!!

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