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How To Sew A 1920s Wool Cloche Hat – Tutorial With Free Pattern

How To Make A 1920s Wool Cloche Hat - Tutorial With Free Pattern

In the 1920s, cloche hats were not always store-bought: There were many instructions published about how to sew cloche hats at home. So it’s authentic to grab some fabric and sew your own cloche hat! 😀 Continue reading How To Sew A 1920s Wool Cloche Hat – Tutorial With Free Pattern

Edwardian Bicycle Costume

Edwardian Bicycle Costume

‘Today […] men and women […] ride from the first day of spring to the last privileged days of frosty winter. They ride from morning to high noon, and their lanterned wheels purr by with the gleam of a cat’s eye through the dark.’ (The Out Of Door Library: Athletic Sports, 1897)

A couple of years ago I sewed an Edwardian bicycle costume. It consists of a tailored Edwardian brown wool jacket with DIY black fabric soutache, a knee-length blue wool skirt, a refashioned white blouse, black stockings, brown leather boots and an Edwardian staw boater hat trimmed with velvet ribbon. Continue reading Edwardian Bicycle Costume

How To Dress In The Edwardian Era

Edwardian Shirtwaist Costume

‘ I am sure she was well dressed […] for I cannot remember what she had on.’ (Household Companion, 1909)

Edwardian women were advised not to neglect the importance of dress: ‘Suit your dresses to the occasions upon which they are to be used’ (Household Companion, 1909). ‘A trailing gown of velvet and lace is not adapted for shopping or travelling, any more than a tweed skirt and flannel blouse is appropriate to an afternoon reception.’ (Every Woman’s Encyclopaedia, 1910-2) Continue reading How To Dress In The Edwardian Era

1920s Taffeta Summer Coat

1920s Taffeta Summer Coat

For this 1920s summer coat I used a similar pattern as for this 1920s raincoat. Because I hadn’t more of the fabric, the coat is a bit short. Usually mid-to-late 1920s coats were as long as the dress, but there were also shorter coats, such as this 1926 ash-pink cloth summer coat by Jenny. It’s made from an apple-green taffeta which is embroidered with roses. The coat is gathered at the hips and has a double welt pocket at the side. It closes with studs in front.

Victorian Crochet Wool Shawl (Sontag)

Victorian Grey Wool Crochet Scarf

In the Victorian era, women usually wore a woven wool scarf or a knitted sontag, but sometimes they wore a crocheted scarf. I’ve used a rather scratchy grey wool blend yarn (mostly wool and just some other fibers). The yarn had blue and red wool dots which I’ve removed. This took the most time! 😉 Here are three CDV of women wearing similar scarfs: two colored scarf, light colored scarf, and dark scarf with flowers.

1920s Style Raincoat And Cloche Hat

1920s Raincoat

I used a pink waterproof nylon fabric for my 1920s inspired raincoat. I drafted the pattern myself, based on 1920s raincoats and dresses. I also made a matching cloche hat which is lined with cotton twill. The raincoat is closed in front with press buttons. Because I hadn’t more of this fabric, the raincoat is a bit short. Maybe I’ll add some different colored nylon fabric at the hem. What do you think?