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How To Dye Cotton Green With Red Hazelnut Leaves (No Mordant)

Dye cotton with red hazelnut leaves a beautiful lightfast and washfast green without mordant!

How To Dye Cotton Green With Red Hazelnut Leaves No Mordant Needed

I was so surprised when I found out that red hazelnut leaves dye cotton fabric green! 😀 Despite most plants being green, it’s difficult to dye fabric green with natural dyes. In the past, green fabric was usually first dyed yellow and then over-dyed with blue dye.

But red hazelnut leaves turn cotton fabric green in one step! Continue reading How To Dye Cotton Green With Red Hazelnut Leaves (No Mordant)

14 FAQs About Eco-Friendly Natural Dyeing

If you’re just getting started with natural dyeing, here are some frequently asked questions & answers about eco-friendly and sustainable natural dyeing: The eco-friendly natural dyeing 101!

Homemade Natural Blue Food Coloring With Red Cabbage

Do you want to know how to dye your own clothes and fabric in an eco-friendly and sustainable way with natural dyes? Natural dyeing is a fun process but it’s also good for the environment. So let’s get started with natural dyeing! 😀 Continue reading 14 FAQs About Eco-Friendly Natural Dyeing

Homemade German Nougat From Scratch

German nougat – also called viennese nougat or gianduja – is made with three ingredients: hazelnuts or almonds, chocolate and sugar. While store-bought nougat contains dairy – this homemade German nougat is dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free and vegan!

Homemade German Nougat From Scratch

German nougat is so delicious – it’s used as baking ingredient, as cake or praline filling, for ice creams and desserts or eaten as it is. I always wanted to make German nougat at home – especially since I can’t eat dairy (and therefore store-bought nougat) anymore. However, all recipes that I tried produced more a chocolate spread – not real German nougat!

But, finally, after years of research and trial and error I found an old recipe for traditional homemade German nougat. Yay! I adapted the recipe slightly because the nougat was made with too much chocolate. I’m so pleased with the recipe: This homemade German nougat is even better than store-bought German nougat! I never thought that it’d be so easy to make German nougat from scratch at home.

You can make German nougat with almonds or hazelnuts. Hazelnut nougat is darker than almond nougat. They taste different too but both are delicious! Continue reading Homemade German Nougat From Scratch

10+ Vegan Pie Crust Recipes

14 delicious pie crust recipes – all vegan (dairy-free & egg-free), most are nut-free and two even gluten-free! Vegan pie crusts made with aquafaba, red palm or coconut oil, cocoa butter or olive oil, raw nut butter or nut flour.

10+ Vegan Pie Crust Recipes

I tried all the vegan pie crust recipes and they were delicious! Of course, they’re different than butter-based pie crusts: The coconut pie crust tastes of coconut, the cocoa butter pie crust tastes of chocolate and the almond pie crust tastes slightly of almonds. The boiled pie crust and the pasta dough pie crust aren’t as flaky as a pie crust made with butter. The chickpea flour pie crust is only for savory pies and the palm oil pie crust is bright yellow!

My favorite vegan pie crusts are the aquafaba pie crust, the hazelnut pie crust and the pie crust with soy milk and lemon juice. The aquafaba and soy milk lemon pie crusts are just as flaky as an all-butter pie crust and they have a neutral taste – perfect for all kinds of pies! And the hazelnut is delicious with fruit pies, such as blackberry pie, apple pie or juneberry pie, and if you have pie dough leftover you can turn it into hazelnut cookies or dog treats. Continue reading 10+ Vegan Pie Crust Recipes

Paw Print Dog Treats

These paw print dog treats are so cute! And much easier to make than they look!

Homemade Paw Print Dog Treats Recipe

My water-crazy GSD loves these hazelnut dog treats! And the dog treats are so quick and simple to make with just 4 ingredients: hazelnuts, flour, butter and water! My dog probably doesn’t care about the shape but don’t the paw print dog treats look so cute? And the paw prints are easy to make without a cookie cutter, mold or cookie stamp!

Continue reading Paw Print Dog Treats

Naturally Colored Speckled Blue Robin Egg Truffles

Naturally Colored Speckled Blue Robin Egg Truffles

I made speckled blue robin egg truffles with homemade natural blue food coloring! Aren’t they just so beautiful? 😀 And they taste as good as they look! Continue reading Naturally Colored Speckled Blue Robin Egg Truffles