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1920s Style Raincoat And Cloche Hat

1920s Raincoat

I used a pink waterproof nylon fabric for my 1920s inspired raincoat. I drafted the pattern myself, based on 1920s raincoats and dresses. I also made a matching cloche hat which is lined with cotton twill. The raincoat is closed in front with press buttons. Because I hadn’t more of this fabric, the raincoat is a bit short. Maybe I’ll add some different colored nylon fabric at the hem. What do you think?

18th Century Hand-Plaited Straw Bergère Hat

Hand Braided 18th Century Straw Bergere Hat From Scratch

Bergère hats were popular in the 18th century. A bergère is a hat with a low crown and wide brim and was usually made of straw. Despite the name – bergère means shepherdess in French – bergère hats were also worn by rich women.

Inspired by antique 18th century straw bergère hats like this 18th century straw bergère hat at the MET museum, I made this straw hat from scratch! I used wheat straw, soaked it in water to make it bendable, braided it into a long braid and then stitched the straw braid together with invisible stitches. Continue reading 18th Century Hand-Plaited Straw Bergère Hat