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Edwardian Peach Pie

This Edwardian peach pie tastes fruity, sweet and sour – it just tastes of summer!

Edwardian Peach Pie

This recipe for homemade peach pie from scratch is from the Edwardian era, it was published in ‘Best Recipes For Baking. A Book For The Home’ in 1907. Like most old recipes from the Victorian and Edwardian era, it’s not very specific! Old recipes usually are like: Make a pie crust, add enough fruit or custard and bake in a moderately warm oven! 😉 Continue reading Edwardian Peach Pie

Victorian Whole Candied Fruit – Recipe

For years I wanted to candy whole fruit and finally I candied whole mandarin oranges, kiwis, pears and cherries! It takes at least 5 days to candy whole fruit but it’s totally worth it!

Victorian Whole Candied Fruit Recipe

In the past, I candied watermelon rind, orange slices, cherries and lemon and orange peel. However, I couldn’t find a modern recipe for whole candied fruit. But I finally found historical recipes for whole candied fruit. Yay!

Whole candied fruit – also called crystallized fruit or glaze fruit – were popular in the Victorian and Edwardian era Continue reading Victorian Whole Candied Fruit – Recipe

5 Vegan Snow Ice Cream Recipes

Make instant ice cream with snow and different flavors such as lemon, mint, cinnamon and vanilla! You can even dye the vegan snow ice cream naturally blue with butterfly pea tea!

5 Vegan Snow Ice Cream Recipes

Making ice cream with freshly fallen snow is such a fun winter craft! All these 5 snow ice creams are dairy-free, egg-free and vegan. But if you eat dairy you can substitute milk for soy milk – it works just as well.

Lemon and mint chocolate chip snow ice cream were my favorites – because lemon and mint are my favorite ice cream flavors 😉 – but all 5 vegan snow ice cream recipes are  delicious! Continue reading 5 Vegan Snow Ice Cream Recipes

Homemade Sloe Juice

Delicious, healthy juice for free – what’s better than that? Homemade sloe juice is easy to make with just two ingredients: sloe berries and water!

Homemade Sloe Juice

Homemade sloe juice is sweet and sour – and not astringent like raw sloe berries! It tastes almost like blueberry juice. Continue reading Homemade Sloe Juice

Sloe Berry Yogurt Cake – Dairy-Free

This unusual sloe berry yogurt cake is dairy-free, easy to make and simply delicious!

Sloe Berry Yogurt Cake Dairy-Free

If you take a stroll in the country at this time of the year, you probably pass by bushes full of large blue-black fruits: sloes! Sloes are astringent fruits when eaten raw but they’re delicious in jams and cakes! Continue reading Sloe Berry Yogurt Cake – Dairy-Free

Sloe Berry Meringue Pie – Wild Foraging

Sloe berry meringue pie – an unusual twist on the traditional lemon meringue pie!

Sloe Berry Meringue Pie

A flaky, buttery pie crust topped with meringue and filled with sloe berry custard with freshly picked sloe berries – doesn’t this sound delicious? 😀 Sloe berry meringue pie tastes sweet and fruity and simply delicious! And don’t wory the sloe pie doesn’t taste astringent like raw sloes! 😉 Continue reading Sloe Berry Meringue Pie – Wild Foraging

Kiwi Curd Meringue Pie

Creamy kiwi curd topped with fluffy meringue and a flaky pie crust. Kiwi curd meringue pie makes a delicious, refreshing summer dessert!

Kiwi Curd Meringue Pie

A while ago, I made homemade kiwi curd – it was so delicious! So I thought I’d make it again as filling for meringue pie or rather tartlets because I wanted to try out different vegan pie crust recipes. Below you’ll find recipes for a buttery pie crust and 10 vegan pie crusts – aquafaba pie crust is my favorite! Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite pie crust. Continue reading Kiwi Curd Meringue Pie

30 Historical Recipes With Apricot Kernels, Peach Kernels & Cherry Pits

Noyaux, marzipan, amaretto, kirschwasser, cherry jam – there are a lot of recipes that are made with apricot kernels, peach kernels or cherry pits!

30 Historical Recipes With Apricot Kernels, Peach Leaves & Cherry Pits

Just recently I found out that apricot kernels, cherry pits, peach kernels and peach leaves can be used as natural bitter almond flavoring. ‘Families should always save their peach-kernels, as they can be used in cakes, puddings and custards.’ (Seventy-five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes and Sweetmeats, 1836, p. 56) And even if the kernels contain amygdalin, which turns into cyanide in the body, it’s safe to consume food prepared with kernels if it’s cooked or baked before eating (more about it here).

Continue reading 30 Historical Recipes With Apricot Kernels, Peach Kernels & Cherry Pits

Homemade Almond Extract – With Almonds Or Apricot Pits

Almond extract is easy and cheap to make at home – it just takes some time! You can use almonds to make homemade almond extract or something that you’d usually throw away: fruit stones!

Homemade Almond Extract - With Almonds Or Apricot Pits

In the past, fruit stones – such as apricot pits, peach kernels and cherry pits – were often used to flavor custard, cake or compote. Real almond extract – also called noyaux – is made with fruit stones. But apricot pits etc. contain a form of cyanide – so if you’re worried about it just make homemade almond extract with almonds! Continue reading Homemade Almond Extract – With Almonds Or Apricot Pits