Salt Water Etched Copper Plate Earrings

Salt Water Etched Copper Plate

I tried salt water etching! It’s really easy and doesn’t need dangerous etching solutions. I used sheet copper. This is the first plate I etched. Before etching I drew a pattern on the right side with permanent marker and on the left I used contact paper.

1920s etched copper malachite earings

After etching I used the etched copper plate to make earrings.

salt water etching

And I also made etched a compass and my blog logo.

salt water etched copper 1920s flapper dog

2 thoughts on “Salt Water Etched Copper Plate Earrings

  1. Hi Lina
    I have just started etching at evening classes and have fallen in love with the process! I have a large sheet of copper plate I found iin the depths of my art cupboard at home, but am fascinated by your salt-water etching process on the copper plates on your blog. Can you share how to do this please? I live by the sea and would love to have a go! Many thanks and best wishes,

    1. Hi Jane,
      I’ve followed the instruction in this youtube video ‘Salt Water Etching for Jewelers‘. But I’ve etched outdoors (with an etching pause as it started to rain 😉 ) because some gas is produced during the etching process. The etching solution can be used over and over again. When the solution is no longer needed it shouldn’t be poured down the drain because the copper ions are toxic to aquatic organisms. Here’s an article about the disposal of electrolyte solution.

      I hope this helps,

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