Rust-Colored Crochet Beret

Rust-Colored Crochet Beret

I had much leftover yarn, so I thought I’d use it to make a crochet beret.

DIY Crochet Beret Stitches Close up

DIY Rust-Colored Crochet Beret

I mainly used rust-colored, pink, brown and yellow yarn scraps; sometimes doubling or tripling yarns to make them of an even thickness.

DIY Rust-Colored Crochet Tam O'Shanter Hat

DIY Crochet Tam O'Shanter Hat

I used up cotton embroidery floss and pearl cotton thread, polyester sock yarn, and the grey is handspun wool yarn. The apricot-colored in the background is my alpaca and silk knitted lace loop scarf.

DIY Crochet Beret Walking The Dog

DIY Rust-Colored Crochet Tam O'Shanter Walking The Dog

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