Red Cabbage + Baking Soda – Print Samples

Red Cabbage + Baking Soda - Print Samples

I used leftover natural blue food coloring (made with red cabbage and baking soda) to make some print samples.

mini polka dot print with fork red cabbage natural dye print

I used a fork to print mini polka dots and a pattern which looks like rain.

natural blue green print samples red cabbage dye sample

The color was dark green before I washed the fabric. (The 3D dots are made with leftover frosting which was also colored with natural blue food coloring – but the fabric was white after washing, the turquoise was gone.)

red cabbage dye sample bleeds while washing

The dye isn’t very washfast, it bled while washing the fabric with lukewarm water.

red cabbage dye print sample

Once the fabric is dry, the color is light teal.


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