Raw Rose Petal Jam Recipe

Raw Rose Petal Jam Recipe

I made rose petal jam! Inspired by ayurvedic gulkand jam, I gathered the last roses of this year. This rose jam is so easy and fast to make, and the color, smell and taste is amazing: It tastes like summer. 😀


  • 1 part fresh rose petals
  • 1 part sugar

This recipe isn’t for ayurvedic gulkand. I liked the taste of store-bought gulkand, so this was my inspiration. I just ground fresh rose petals and sugar in a mortar and made raw rose petal jam. 🙂

Update: I found an 1838 recipe for Conserve of Roses: Bruise ‘in a mortar the petals with their weight of sugar, till the whole forms a homogeneous mass.’ It was used as remedy for the cold.

Put the rose petals and sugar in a mortar. Grind the fresh rose petals together with sugar until the paste looks like jam.

Gulkand Rose Petal Jam Recipe

This rose petal jam has such a beautiful color, and tastes just as the roses smelled. 😀 I store the jam in the fridge, but I don’t know how long the jam will keep fresh as it’s not cooked. With the sugar content, I think it will keep fresh for some days or weeks, at least. However, the jam is so fast to make that it can always be made fresh when needed – in the summer, that is. 😉

Rose Petal Lemonade
Rose Petal Lemonade

Even some of the rose jam dyes water purple! I also tried different colored rose petals: Light pink ones and yellow rose petals.All of the roses had a wonderful smell, but only the pink rose petal jam tasted like roses or rosewater. If your rose petal jam doesn’t taste like roses, you can add some rosewater to give your jam that rose flavor. 😉 My store-bought gulkand also has rosewater added.

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