Rainbow Cake With Natural Food Coloring

Rainbow Cake With Natural Food Coloring

Rainbow cakes are everywhere on pinterest right now! And since I’m experimenting with natural food colorings at the moment, I thought I’d try to make rainbow cake with natural food coloring! 😀

naturally colored rainbow cake

all natural rainbow cake recipe with homemade natural food coloring

I used different berries – strawberries, raspberries, red currants, black currants, blueberries and blackberries – spinach, peas, red cabbage, carrots, cherries and damson plums.

natural food coloring

I used my basic vegan cake batter recipe. Because I wanted to try out so many different natural colorings, I made cupcakes.

natural food dyes berries spinach red cabbage pea carrot

diy all natural food coloring



Homemade Natural Food Coloring

I used 1 tbsp fruit puree per 1 tbsp cake batter except where stated otherwise.

natural food dyes

Purple Food Coloring: Blueberry, blackberry, red cabbage, cherry

Pink/ Red Food Coloring: Raspberry, red currant, strawberry, damson plum

Orange Food Coloring: Carrot

Green Food Coloring: Pea, spinach

Lavender Food Coloring: 1 tsp red cabbage juice (without baking soda) per 1 tbsp cake batter

natural blue food coloring cake batter
Natural purple and blue food coloring

natural food coloring

Blue Food Coloring: I tried to color 1 tbsp of the cake batter blue with 1 tsp of my homemade natural blue food coloring (made with red cabbage and baking soda), and another with 1 tbsp pureed blueberries, but both failed: Both cupcakes were brown/ bluish gray after baking.

diy naturally blue colored cake batter red cabbage baking soda

Natural blue colors are often heat sensitive, therefore I baked the cupcakes just at 160°C (320°F), but the beautiful blue cake batter turned brown before it was baked through.

So I thought natural blue cakes are impossible to make, but then I accidentally made blue cake! 😀

natural blue food coloring rainbow cake

The melting blue ice cream (colored with red cabbage and baking soda) turned the cake blue.

natural blue cake recipe red cabbage

So it’s possible to make naturally colored blue cake! But the cake has to be dyed after baking.

Update: -> Natural Blue Cake Experiment

natural food coloring recipe rainbow cupcake

Most of the muffins were very dense : either too much fruit or the wrong muffin tin – the cupcakes baked in paper cupcake cups were alright.

homemade natural food coloring cupcakes muffins easter

homemade natural food coloring recipe

Because I wanted a brightly colored natural rainbow cake I used 1 tbsp natural food coloring per 1 tbsp cake batter, so the cake layers taste of berries, spinach, carrot etc. But feel free to use less natural food dye per cake batter.

homemade natural food dyes tutorial
Colorful natural food dyes

natural food coloring pink red purple green blue

I made vanilla buttercream to fill the rainbow cake.

natural food dyes

Especially the berry layers tasted delicious with vanilla buttercream filling.

naturally colored rainbow cake

rainbow cake with natural food coloring

You can also use homemade natural food dyes to make rainbow ice cream cake.

rainbow cake recipe homemade natural food coloring

16 thoughts on “Rainbow Cake With Natural Food Coloring

  1. This is so interesting. I love the colors that you developed!! I’ve only used natural dyes for dying Easter eggs. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thank you! 😀 I also dye Easter eggs with natural dyes every Easter. I especially like red cabbage and onion skin. What natural dyes do you use for Easter eggs?

      And I’m still trying to make blue cake: till now my trials turned brown, gray, purple or green after baking. 😉

  2. This is amazing. I’m often put off bright coloured cakes and icing because of all those E numbers . I’m pinning for reference, I’d love to try some of these out. Thanks for sharing at #HandmadeMonday

  3. Great stuff. You do not see much about natural food colours on the web and the colouring in rainbow cakes has always put me off making them. I have given a you a mention with a link to this page on the next #CookBlogShare which goes live tomorrow,

  4. Wow, amazing. Thank you so much for the rainbow cake. I hope to be abroad for my grand-daughter’s birthday & if so I will make the cake + the pistachio ice-cream

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