Purple Rose Petal Lemonade

Purple Rose Petal Lemonade

This purple rose petal lemonade is naturally colored and scented with fresh rose petals! Rose petal lemonade is an easy, refreshing, cooling drink on hot summer days. You’ll only need three ingredients for this pretty purple lemonade: fresh rose petals, sugar and water!


  • pink or red, fresh, organic rose petals
  • granulated sugar
  • water
Rose Petal Lemonade
Healthy Natural Rose Petal Lemonade (No Food Coloring Added)

Grind rose petals and sugar together in a mortar. Here are step-by-step pictures of the process: -> Raw Rose Petal Jam

Dilute the raw rose petal jam with water. Enjoy your naturally colored purple rose lemonade! According to ayurveda, recipes with roses have a cooling effect on your body. So, what better way to celebrate summer than with homemade rose petal lemonade! When roses are not in season, make Pink Rosewater Lemonade instead!

10 thoughts on “Purple Rose Petal Lemonade

  1. That sounds like it would make a change. I was expecting lemons in it too though!
    I imagine it would make a lovely refreshing drink for a hot summer day., bet it smells amazing too.

  2. Such a beautiful, summery drink and I look forward to trying it. Thank you for sharing with us at Celebrate Your Story, and have a great weekend.

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