Pleated Skirt With DIY Cotton Jersey Knit Underskirt

How to make a knit underskirt

I had a pleated skirt in my stash that was very sheer so I decided to add a white cotton jersey knit underskirt.

The pleated skirt is made from polyester knit fabric which looks like chiffon and was too sheer to wear. After searching for a long time for a suitable lining fabric – I thought about using thin woven cotton fabric or polyester lining fabric – I finally chose a viscose (rayon) chiffon fabric from my stash. Because the pleated skirt is a summer skirt I preferred a natural fiber lining.

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But to make the skirt not see-through I had to use two layers of fabric – and then the petticoat was too heavy! 🙁 So I thought why shouldn’t I use cotton knit jersey fabric: it’s a natural fiber fabric, not see-through and doesn’t need ironing! 😀

DIY cotton knit underskirt
Cotton knit fabric underskirt

I used one layer of white cotton jersey knit fabric and attached the underskirt by hand with overcasting stitches which don’t go through to the outside. And I left the hem unfinished because knit fabric doesn’t fray. The jersey makes a beautiful lining, better than I thought at first. 😉

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Now the skirt is no longer see-through, and the skirt lining is not too heavy, comfortable to wear because it’s a natural fiber fabric and drapes beautifully. 😀

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t-shirt knit fabric skirt lining underskirt

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