Pink And White Striped Cotton Skirt

Pink And White Striped Cotton Skirt
Striped skirt with DIY printed top

The candy striped skirt was the other last-minute sewing project two days before we went on holiday. 😉

DIY Candy Striped Cotton Skirt Sewing
The hem

I used leftover fabric from my Edwardian maids washdress: a pink and white striped cotton fabric.

Pleated Skirt Elastic Waist DIY Sewing

The skirt is pleated at the waist, and has no closure because it has an elastic waist. It’s so comfortable to wear: so lightweight and summerly! 😀

DIY Candy Striped Skirt

The turquoise top is another of my refashioned tops. It was a long halterneck top before: I shortened it and turned it into a tank top.

DIY Lace T-Shirt Refashion Tutorial

Here I’m wearing the candy striped skirt together with my DIY refashioned crochet lace top.

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