Needlerun Limerick Lace Day Cap – Details

Needlerun Limerick Lace Day Cap

A while ago I posted pictures of my handmade mid-Victorian needlerun Limerick lace day cap and here are now close-up pictures of the lace. Some of the following pictures are of the right, some of the wrong side of the lace cap: As you can see both sides are very similar.

Victorian Limerick Lace Cap

Inspired by antique Victorian Limerick lace, I drew a lace design. Then I embroidered the cotton bobbinet tulle with non-mercerized cotton thread.

Victorian Needlerun Limerick Lace Cap Details
Floral lace pattern

Floral lace designs were very popular for Victorian Limerick lace.

Handmade Limerick Lace Details Crochet Edge
Crochet edge of the Limerick lace cap

The edge of Victorian Limerick lace was often finished with crochet stitches.

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