Naturally Green Shamrock Shake – Mint-Flavored, Vegan & Colored With Wheatgrass Juice

Naturally Green Shamrock Shake - Mint-Flavored, Vegan And Colored With Wheatgrass Juice

This minty shamrock shake is made from scratch with only natural colors and flavors. The naturally green shamrock shake is vegan and naturally colored with homegrown wheatgrass. A perfect drink for St. Patrick’s Day!

Harvest Wheatgrass - How To Grow Wheatgrass At Home For Wheatgrass Juice

Growing Wheatgrass At Home

For this green shamrock shake I used homegrown wheatgrass. Growing wheatgrass at home is really easy – it isn’t more difficult than growing sprouts at home. You can grow wheatgrass without soil or with soil.

-> Grow Wheatgrass Without Soil

-> Grow Wheatgrass With Soil

But you can also use store-bought wheatgrass for the naturally green shamrock shake.

Making Wheatgrass Juice Without A Juicer

After about 8 or 10 days the homegrown  wheatgrass is ready to harvest. Cut the wheatgrass with a sharp knife or scissors. You don’t need a juicer to turn wheatgrass into wheatgrass juice. You can use a blender or food processor.

-> How To Juice Wheatgrass Without A Juicer

Harvest Homegrown Wheatgrass

Naturally Green Shamrock Shake – Colored With Wheatgrass Juice

Ingredients per glass:

* I can’t eat dairy so I used soy milk. But you can also use regular milk or another plant-based milk instead of soy milk.


Combine all ingredients. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Then pour the naturally green shamrock shake into large glasses.

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