Naturally Colored Heart Cake

Naturally Colored Heart Cake

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I baked pink mini heart cakes. You don’t need artificial food coloring for this sweet pink heart-shaped dessert: It’s naturally colored with raspberries and beetroot!

Valentine Heart-Shaped Dessert Natural Pink Food Coloring
Rosewater drink – naturally colored with beetroot
valentine heart cake recipe beetroot natural food coloring
Natural pink icing colored with raw beetroot juice

You’ll need:

Valentine Mini Heart Cake

Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out hearts out of the pale pink raspberry cake and dark pink beetroot cake.

valentine's day pink heart shaped dessert natural food coloring raspberry beetroot
Raspberry & beetroot hearts
Valentine's Treat Heart Shaped Cake Natural Pink Food Dye
Naturally colored hidden heart cake

For the mini heart cakes I made vanilla buttercream filling which I colored pink with some drops of raw beet juice.

heart shaped valentine's day dessert naturally colored with beetroot and raspberry

Happy Valentine’s Day! 😀

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