My Top 35 Most Liked Instagram Photos Of 2018

It’s time for my second instagram round-up: My most liked instagram photos of 2018!

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My Most Liked Instagram Pictures Of 2018 - Instagram Roundup 2018
My best nine of 2018!

2018 was my second year on instagram. Sometimes I hated it – because of the new instagram algorithm and the people (or bots) who play the follow-unfollow game – but overall it’s my favorite social media platform because it’s the best way to connect with like minded people!

In 2018, I hosted my first instagram historical costuming challenge:

-> #ArtDecoApril

And I participated in many sewing and historical costuming challenges:

-> 30 Instagram Sewing & Historical Costuming Challenges

And my water-crazy puppy Khaleesi that I adopted in 2018 has her own instagram account now. After just 6 months she already has more followers than me! 😉 You can follow her adventures by clicking on the link below.

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My Top 35 Most Liked Instagram Photos Of 2018

Thank you so much for every like, comment and follow! It means so much to me!

Click on the links below the instagram pics for the corresponding blog posts.

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"The woman who must stay in the city all summer, or can leave town for a bare two weeks when her husband gets his vacation, should put her wits to work to make her house or her apartment look as cool as possible – for the appearance of coolness leads us to imagine that the thermometer is really lower than it is. […] she has put away her heavy draperies and curtains and in all probability has covered the upholstered furniture with slip covers of neutral tinted linen or light flowered cretonne. […] There should be a fern dish on your dining room mantel shelf and a box of growing plants on the sill. No matter if you can’t afford to buy such things of a florist, you can afford to take a trolley ride out into the country and dig up some of the flowers and ferns that are growing wild out there." (Chicago Tribune, July 1909) More about how Edwardians kept their home cool in the summer today on my blog.

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-> Keep Your Home Cool In The Summer Heat – Edwardian Decor Ideas

-> Victorian Working Woman Black Wool Stays

-> 1850s Braided Updo Tutorial

This was my most popular instagram video of 2018 with over 5000 views! I was making a lace yoke with bobbin lace for a 1920s rayon chiffon dress. Click on the link below to see more details and the original 1920s tape lace yoke that was my inspiration.

-> DIY 1920s Tape Lace Collar

-> Edwardian Skating Costumes

I made the soutache trim for the jacket of my Edwardian bicycle costume with black taffeta fabric. I cut the fabric into strips, folded the fabric strips three times (so that all raw edges are inside) and stitched down the center to secure the layers. Then I formed loops, pinned the fabric soutache to the jacket and stitched it down.

-> Edwardian Bicycle Costume

-> Victorian Flounced Petticoat

-> My Victorian Underwear: Chemise, Drawers And Petticoats

-> 1920s White Lace Afternoon Dress

-> Edwardian Muslin And Lace Blouse

-> Victorian Corded Corset

Another picture of my Edwardian bicycle costume.

A 1930s-style crochet lace dress made with 2 crochet lace tablecloths!

-> DIY Fast & Easy Crochet Lace Skirt Tutorial

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The Edwardian summer girl is sun-tanned, bare-armed, collarless, hatless and short-skirted: "The clinging ivy and the sturdy oak idea has received its quietus. The fragile woman, much adored and courted by men, is a thing of the past. […] In her place stands a woman who is robust, independent, and fearless, and none the less beautiful because she is strong. She is as great a devotee of out of door games as the men of her family. She can go into any sport without being stigmatized by Mme. Grundy as vulgar. […] In short skirt and shirt waist sleeves pushed above her elbows, hatless and collarless, she is regardless of sun and wind. She cares nothing for a few freckles and an extra coat of tan." (Chicago Tribune, August 1903)

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-> The Edwardian Summer Girl

-> 1900s Gingham Wash Dress

-> 1910s Plaid Wool Skirt

-> Edwardian Lace Princess Petticoat

-> Edwardian Tailored Wool Skirt & Linen Shirtwaist

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This corset style was called athletic corset, ribbon corset or riding corset in the Edwardian era. It's a lightly boned short corset – shorter than the usual Edwardian straight-front corset – which was worn for sports. "The stay for open-air pastimes must be made of the most pliable material and be sparsely but effectively boned […] The wise woman will have several pairs of corsets available at the same time, and will never misuse a pair. For instance, never play golf or do anything exceedingly strenuous in your new, carefully made corsets for best and evening wear." (Every Woman's Encyclopaedia, 1910-2) "Don’t be afraid that the unboned portion will wrinkle with each movement, for that is really so and it would be strange if it didn’t, but it curls up but slightly on account of the gentle pressure of the garters, which are fastened to the direct front and sides, just as they are to all corsets." (San Francisco Call, 1903)

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-> Edwardian Athletic Corsets For The Edwardian Sportswoman

-> Edwardian Batiste Lace Chemise

-> 1950s Blue Check Curtain Dress

-> Edwardian White Silk Satin Corset In Progress

-> Edwardian Lace Petticoat & DIY Edwardian Boudoir Slippers

Another picture of my Edwardian plaid wool skirt and linen blouse with handmade crochet lace.

My 1920s black celanese dress is inspired by the black dress in the 1928 Hitchcock’s movie ‘Champagne‘ (at about 32:20).

-> 1920s Black Artificial Silk Dress

-> 1920s Slips & Step-Ins

-> The Edwardian Sweater Girl + 25 Free Edwardian Sweater Patterns

Another photo of my Edwardian muslin & lace blouse.

-> How To Make An Edwardian Lace Yoke

-> Tutorial: Edwardian Lace Insertion (With ‘Rolled’ Hem)

-> How To Attach Lace The Edwardian Way (3 Different Methods)

-> Edwardian Bathing Costume

-> How To Make Edwardian Bathing Shoes With Cork Soles

I love this photo of my handmade Indian lehenga choli outfit and my dog just some minutes before a thunderstorm.

-> DIY Indian Lehenga Choli Outfit

In this picture, my antique Edwardian lace slip is hanging over the chair and my hair is curled using the Edwardian zig-zag wave method.

-> Antique Edwardian Lace Slip

-> Edwardian Pin Curl Tutorial – No-Heat Zig-Zag Waves

-> Edwardian Maid’s Outfit

One of my favorite Edwardian lace yoke designs is “Novelty Braid Crochet”: A combination of crochet stitches and a special kind of bobbin lace (the last pictures). Novelty braid crochet lace was used as yoke for corset covers and chemises and as petticoat lace flounce. More pictures of Edwardian lingerie with novelty braid crochet on my pinterest board ‘1900s Lingerie’:

-> My ‘1900s Lingerie’ Pinterest Board

One of my favorite blog posts of 2018 was my post about Edwardian walking dresses.

-> Edwardian Walking Dresses

-> Victorian Paletot Coat

-> 1920s Mint Green Hand Painted Polka Dot Dress

Another of my favorite blog posts of 2018: The 1907 pinless pompadour! ‘Dressing the hair without a hair pin […] an innovation which every woman will appreciate […] To be able to dress one’s hair without the aid of hairpins sounds too good to be true. […] The hairpinless coiffure is accomplished by the aid of nothing more than a bit of cord and ribbon.’ (San Francisco Call, 1907)

-> Edwardian Pinless Pompadour Hairstyle Tutorial

-> Edwardian Haymaking With The Scythe




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