Mud Cloth – Tannin Iron Print


Inspired from mud cloth, I’ve made this small sample. First, I’ve soaked the cotton fabric in a tannin-rich solution made from gathered oak galls. After the fabric is dry, I’ve drawn some patterns with iron liquor. Instantly on contact with the iron solution, the fabric turns dark grey-brown. Tannin iron dye is very fast to washing and light.

2 thoughts on “Mud Cloth – Tannin Iron Print

  1. Hi,
    Are you selling this fabric by any chance? I am looking for a unique material to use to upholster a dining chair. Would love to know if you have a shop!

    1. Hi Laura,
      I’m setting up a shop at the moment. Here I’ve just printed a small piece of fabric. But if you’re still interested in buying such a fabric I can print a larger piece of fabric for you.

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