Lilac Sugar

Lilac Sugar

Because I love lilacs, I tried to make lilac sugar with fresh lilac flowers.

lilac flower sugar recipe

Last year I already tried to infuse sugar with layers of fresh lilac flowers, but the sugar didn’t get any lilac scent.

lilac petal sugar

So this year I ground fresh lilac petals together with granulated sugar in a mortar.

lilac flower sugar
Lilac flowers and sugar

lilac sugar

The sugar has a really pretty lilac color when it’s fresh.

lilac sugar recipe

However, as soon as the sugar is dried, it’s just brown, and even the fresh sugar doesn’t have a lilac scent or taste. For a lilac taste it works much better to infuse syrup or milk with lilac flowers.


There was a thunderstorm later that day.

diy lilac flower sugar
Fresh lilac sugar – still moist from the crushed fresh lilac petals

lilac bouquet

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