Knitted Wreath From An Old Sweater

Knitted Wreath From An Old Sweater - Tutorial

Make a cozy knitted wreath this Christmas! All you need is an old sweater or scarf and a wreath base.

DIY Knitted Christmas Wreath

I’ve always admired those knitted wreath on pinterest and everywhere. But I don’t like to knit 😉 and I didn’t have a sweater to spare. But, if you follow me on instagram, you know that we’re clearing out grandma’s house at the moment and there were lots of clothes. We donated most of the clothes but I kept one of the sweaters and a scarf for this knitted Christmas wreath.


You’ll need:

  • sweater or other knitted clothing, such as scarfs, stockings etc.
  • straw wreath base or DIY twig wreath
  • yarn
  • needle & scissors
  • optional: ribbon and small Christmas ornaments, such as DIY wooden bead stars

Sweater Upcycling Idea - Knit Wreath

Cut the sweater into long rectangles.

DIY Knit Wreath

Wrap the knitted fabric around the wreath so that the raw edges are hidden inside. Stitch it in place with an over and over stitch.

Knitted Wreath From An Old Sweater
Sewing the fabric pieces together

Knit Wreath From Old Sweater

If you want cover the wreath with another piece of the sweater and stitch it in place. I used the whole sweater for the knit wreath because I wanted a nice bulky wreath.

Knit Wreath Looks Like Glazed Donut

Optional: Drape a shawl over the knit wreath and stitch it in place with running stitches. I like how the shawl looks on top of the knitted wreath, like snow or a glazed donut! 😀

DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Now you can decorate the wreath with Christmas ribbons and small Christmas ornaments if you want. I used my DIY wooden bead stars and DIY mini pine cone wreaths. Attach the ornaments with one or two stitches to keep them in place. I stitched the ornaments in place so that I can easily remove them later if I want to use the knit wreath in spring or summer.

DIY Christmas Wreath Rocking Horse
Old-fashioned rocking horse ornament

More DIY ornaments that would look cute as decoration:

Doesn’t the knitted Christmas wreath look like an old-fashioned carousel? The old-sweater-turned-knit-wreath was the 15th project of my Advent calendar 2017.

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  1. This is so cute. I’m going to start searching for an old sweater at thrift stores or yard sales. I’m Pinning this one. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best.

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