Indian Wood Block Stamps

DIY mint green petrol blue indian wood block print stamps-2

Here are some pictures of my Indian wooden stamps which I use to print fabric and clothes. Some of the stamps are bought, such as the elephant, flower etc, and some of the stamps I made myself, such as the big circle and three border stamps.

diy cut linoleum block print stamps

The big circle stamp is a combination of different patterns of Indian circle stamps I liked: I partly drew the pattern freehand, and partly I used carbon paper to copy the pattern. Then I cut the linoleum. And after that I glued the DIY stamp to a piece of wood.

I’ve already used the Indian wood block stamps to print my DIY print full-circle skirt, a scarf with crochet lace, a tote bag and for my trials in resist printing. And here you’ll find my tutorial on How to Print Fabric with Indian Wood Block Stamps.

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