Indian Pink Cotton Long Choli Blouse

Indian Pink Cotton Long Choli Blouse

A while ago I turned a boring, ill-fitting blouse into a long choli top which I can wear with my lehengas (Indian skirts). It was a bluish pink, long sleeve, high neck blouse with lapels, which no longer fitted. I changed the sleeve length and cut out a deep square neckline.

indian pink cotton choli

Then I used some of the bluish pink blouse fabric from the cut off sleeves to add gussets under the arms. And I added pink cotton fabric from my stash at the hem, sleeves and neckline. Now the blouse fits much better and looks better than before. 🙂 Here I wear it with my yellow sequined cotton skirt.

2 thoughts on “Indian Pink Cotton Long Choli Blouse

  1. That’s exactly the shirt I want, are the gussets diamonds or ovals, or can you show a picture of the gussets?

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