How To Paint Shoes

Make your old shoes look new again with leather paint!

How To Paint Shoes

Painting leather shoes with leather paint is easier than you think! I hesitated for a long time to paint my leather shoes because I was afraid the color might not cover properly or look streaky. But the painted leather shoes turned out so well! Yay! My shoes look like new again.

Leather paint is great to update your old shoes. And you don‘t have to use just one color like I did. You can also make two-tone shoes or paint a pattern on your shoes. So grab a bottle of leather paint and revamp your old shoes!

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How To Paint Shoes

You‘ll Need:

  • leather shoes or faux leather shoes
  • leather paint
  • paint brush
  • paper towels or old fabric scraps (to wipe away excess paint)

How To Paint Leather Shoes Step By Step Tutorial Before After

1. Clean the shoes

Clean the shoes if they are dirty and let them dry.

2. Remove the shoe laces

Remove the shoe laces. Protect your work surface with cardboard boxes or newspapers.

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3. Paint the shoes

Paint the shoes with leather paint: Work the leather paint well into the leather with the brush. By the way, you can hardly prevent accidentally painting the eyelets of the shoes and the edges of the soles. But wipe away the paint immediately with paper towels or old fabric scraps.

4. Clean the brush

After you’ve finished painting the shoes, wash the brush with warm water and soap immediately after use.

5. Let the shoes dry

Let the shoes dry for a few hours or a day.

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6. Touch up with paint if necessary

Depending on the leather paint and your shoes, you may need two or more coats of paint. For these shoes, I only needed one coat of paint with some touch-ups.

7. Polish the shoes

Now you can clean and polish your DIY painted leather shoes like any other leather shoes.

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How To Paint Shoes

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