How to make Paper Snow Christmas Trees

paper snow christmas trees

Do you want a white Christmas? Then make paper tree Christmas decorations. They’re very easy and fun to make! 😀

you'll need

You’ll need:

  • white paper
  • cardboard
  • large wooden skewers
  • adhesive tape
  • scissor
  • pinking scissor

cut stick

Cut the skewers at various lengths to make paper snow trees of different height. In this tutorial, I made a large tree and didn’t cut the stick.

cardboard base

Cut a circle out of cardboard (this one measures 12cm in diameter),  pierce a hole into the middle using a scissor or needle and insert the skewer.

cellotape the stick

Tape the skewer and cardboard together

cut paper

Cut paper into different sized squares with the pinking scissor.

stack paper

Beginning with the largest square,  stick the paper squares onto the skewer.

stick paper

Rotate the squares to get a natural looking tree.

paper tree

The holes don’t have to be exactly in the middle of the paper squares.

paper christmas tree

Keep stacking paper squares onto the skewer, from the largest to the smallest squares …

finish tree

… till you reach the end of the skewer.

crush paper

Crush  a small paper square and stick it on top. If you want, you can glue it to the skewer. My finished tree measures 18cm in diameter, and is 20cm tall.

paper christmas trees

Now make a forest full of snow paper trees! 😀

Here you can see more pictures of the paper Christmas trees.

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