How To Make DIY Striped Fabric

How To Make DIY Striped Fabric

I’ve again upcycled a boring plain white top. Here I’ve already printed my website logo onto a white top, and here I’ve appliqued blue jersey fabric stripes.

I love nautical striped tops, so I decided to add blue stripes with fabric paint.

diy striped fabric with cardboard stencil tutorial

I used a scrap piece of cardboard to make a stencil. I cut out where I wanted the stripes to be. For the stenciling, the fabric paint has to be rather thick. With a relatively dry brush I applied the fabric paint in a ‘pounding’ motion to the fabric. I printed the front and back of the white halter-neck top. Because my fabric paint was a bit too watery, the stripes are partially uneven, but I like the effect.

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