How To Make A DIY Easter Yarn Bunny

How To Make A DIY Easter Yarn Bunny

This tutorial will show you how to make this cute Easter bunny.

pom pom maker

You’ll need:

  • yarn
  • scissor
  • crochet hook
  • needle
  • optional: pom pom maker

pom poms

To make the pom poms, use a pom pom maker …

make pom pom

… or wrap the yarn round your fingers or a fork.

trim pom pom

Trim the pom poms.

easter pom pom bunny

Make two large pom poms for the body and the head, and one smaller pom pom for the tail.

easter bunny tutorial

Tie the pom poms together with a square knot …

diy yarn rabbit

… to get this rabbit shape.

crochet bunny ears

Crochet two bunny ears according to this leaf pattern.

crochet bunny

Tie the bunny ears …

diy bunny tutorial

… to the head pom pom with a square knot.

diy bunny eyes

For the eyes, tie a large yarn knot and tie it to the head pom pom.

diy easter bunnies

Make another bunny, so that your bunny isn’t alone. 😉

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