How To Care For Wooden Utensils

How To Care For Wooden Utensils

From time to time wooden spoons and cooking utensils need to be sanded and oiled. Regular oiling of wooden kitchen utensils moisturizes the wood to prevent cracks.

How to care for wood spoons

You’ll need:

  • wooden spoons
  • coarse and fine sandpaper
  • cooking oil, such as olive oil
How To Care For Wooden Utensils
Rough wooden spoon

Wooden spoon sandpaper

Sand the rough wooden spoons with sandpaper till they feel smooth. I used two different sandpapers: a coarse and a fine.

Sand wooden utensils
Sanded wooden spoon

Wash the sanded spoons with soapy water and let them dry completely.

Oil wooden utensils

Then use cooking oil to oil the wooden utensils – I used olive oil.

Oiled wooden utensils

There’s quite a difference between the oiled and the not yet oiled wooden spoons and spatulas.

Oiled wooden spoons olive oil

Let the oil soak in for some hours.

Caring for wooden utensils

Then wipe off the excess oil.

Wooden spoon after sanding and oiling
Oiled wooden spoon and spatula

Wooden spoon oiled with olive oil or cooking oil


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