Hood To Sailor Collar – Refashion

Sailor Collar Top Refashion

I don’t like hoods because they choke me, they mess up my hair, and I find that extra fabric uncomfortable at the back. So I usually remove them from hoodies and tops.

hood to sailor collar refashion

This pink top also had a hood before; but instead of removing it I thought if I couldn’t turn the hood into a sailor collar.

Sailor Collar Top Refashion - Hood To Sailor Collar

I have no before picture, but the top had just an ordinary hood like the cut off one on the left.

To make the sailor collar: I cut a square out of the hood (the pink line on the left). Now the hood already looks like a sailor collar, but the middle seam is on the outside. So I removed the stitching, and sewed the seam closed with a ballpoint needle by hand.

Hood To Sailor Collar

Then I hemmed the sailor collar with overhand stitches because I think it looks prettier with hand stitches.

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