Homemade Violet (Orris Root) Bran Shampoo Recipe

Homemade Violet (Orris Root) Bran Shampoo Recipe

I’ve tried out the 1872 ‘Prepared Bran for the Hair’ (in the middle of the page). It sounds as if the recipe is meant to be a dry shampoo. But I’ve made a liquid bran hair wash before, so I’ve turned the dry shampoo into a violet scented bran shampoo.


  • 45g bran
  • 5g orris root powder
  • some boiling water

I had no wheat bran at the moment, so I’ve used oat bran. Let it steep till the shampoo is cold enough to use, then strain the shampoo. The shampoo has some cleaning power, but not enough; and the shampoo is watery. However, the shampoo and the washed hair has a wonderful, clean, orris root scented smell. I think I’ll make the shampoo again with wheat bran, maybe wheat bran has more cleaning power.

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