Homemade Rose Water – Method 1 (Heat Infusion)

Homemade Rose Water - Heat Infusion Method

I tried out three different methods to make rose water at home. The first method I tried is rose water made by heat infusion.

You’ll need:

  • fresh organic rose petals
  • water (I used tap water because in my region tap water is safe to drink)

I used two handful of fresh rose petals from our garden, and covered them with boiling water. I let it steep for about 30 minutes. Then I strained the rose water through a sieve. The rose petals will have paled by now. In the background are the fresh rose petals I used to make the rose water.

strain diy rose water

The rose water is brown, and has only a very slight scent of roses. It smells rather like herbal tea. I liked this rose water the least of all the three.

Here you’ll find method 2 and 3 of the rose water series: rose water made by cold infusion, and homemade rose water hydrosol.

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